About Us

About ESR

For the last 10 years, ESR has provided rigorous scientific and engineering analysis of a variety of injuries. ESR provides insights based on biomechanical and bioelectrical simulations developed from decades of research.

Who We Are

ESR has an experienced injury and risk analysis team comprising of medical scientists and biomedical engineers.
The team has over 30 years of experience in medical and engineering consulting. ESR team has expertise in several areas including molecular biophysics, molecular dynamics, protein unfolding, biomedical simulation and trauma research.

What We Do

ESR performs medical device testing, forensic consulting, chemical analysis, and computational simulation.  ESR provides product safety analysis and forensic analysis related to exposure to ionizing radiation, electrical shock trauma, hyperthermia, acoustic force injury, thermal burns, etc.

Who We Work With

The ESR team has worked with U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, Fortune 500 corporations, and private law firms.
ESR has provided expert analysis in wide ranging areas to its clients.