Service Areas

ESR provides engineering analysis related to exposure to ionizing radiation, electrical shock, hyperthermia, acoustic force, thermal burns, etc.




Medical Device Testing

To ensure patient and healthcare provider safety, medical devices must be tested for functionality and biocompatibility.  ESR is able to provide regulatory and quality testing for organizations and individuals seeking risk analysis and expert testimony.  Our team of experienced researchers is familiar with federal regulatory guidelines and quality standards and have a track record of supplying customers with high quality analyses of medical devices.  


Electrical Shock Trauma

Electrical workers and users of electrical equipment and gadgets are vulnerable to the risk of electrical injuries. OSHA reports that the most frequent causes of electrical injuries are from Contact with Power Lines, Lack of Ground-fault Protection, Path to Ground Missing or Discontinuous, Equipment Not Used in Manner Prescribed, and Improper Use of Extension and Flexible Cords.  Manifestations of electrical injury depend on magnitude of current, frequency of electric field, duration of exposure, anatomical path of the current and the tissues exposed to the field.
ESR provides comprehensive analysis of electrical injuries.


Thermal Burns

Thermal burn trauma causes very complex tissue injury, altering biomolecular elements, structures, and secondary degradation processes. Cell viability depends upon proper structure and function of each of these constituents.
When cells are subjected to temperature histories that exceed the threshold of the intramolecular bonds, cell plasma membranes, and proteins denature, ultimately resulting in injury.
ESR team members have extensive clinical and research experience related to thermal burns.


Radiation Injury

Acute tissue injury and subsequent inflammation, including tissue edema and erythema, can be caused by sufficiently high levels of exposure to γ radiation.

The mechanism of this tissue injury is related to the generation of reactive oxygen intermediates (ROI) which chemically alter biological molecules and cell physiology. Cell membrane lipids are vulnerable to ROI-mediated lipid peroxidation that then leads to many of the acute tissue effects.

Analysis of radiation injury is among ESR’s expertise.