Complex Multi-physical Injury Analysis
Electrical and thermal injuries cause very complex tissue injury, altering biomolecular elements, structures, and negatively alter related processes. Understanding immediate and long-term effects from these injuries involve the analysis of many underlying coupled mechanisms. ESR analysis covers electric and thermal effects from cell membrane to whole body level. 
Quantification of Injury
ESR has the capability to perform computational analysis of various injuries using multiphysical models. The ESR team members have published extensively in injury and trauma mechanisms.


The ESR team analyzes medical records, model predictions and in-house expertise to determine the cause of injuries. The ESR experts have over three decades of experience in injury analysis.
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Clinical Prognosis

Many injuries from electric shock, thermal burns, and radiation exposure are complex and often have long-lasting effects. The ESR team has medical doctors and research scientists who will review medical records and provide a clinical prognosis.
Medical Device Safety Analysis
Medical equipment designed for human use is used for either diagnosis or therapy. Making a new medical technology safe for human use is a challenging undertaking for researchers in charge of its development. Identification, comprehension, control, and prevention of failures that might cause risks when individuals use medical equipment are all part of risk management.
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